We advise students during their relocation process through guidance and execution of the necessary processes as new residents in Spain. We offer different packs of services that meet our clients needs, looking for the solution that best suits you as a student.

Plan Bronce


This plan covers basic housing search services with our partners and legal aid to obtain the required documents to live in Spain.                                                               

Plan Plata


This plan covers the services of the bronze plan including additional legal aid, facilities to get the student card (ISIC) and personal support in case of need.



This plan covers different types of legal advice, housing search and guidance on health insurance. Getting a mobile phone plan or opening a bank account are listed among a range of additional services that will make your arrival to Spain as comfortable as possible.


depending of the duration of your trip


Short Stay

This service is perfectly fit for people who desire to enjoy a short-term stay in Spain, up to three months. It is oriented to clients who are staying in the country as exchange programme students, for business, work and other professional or personal projects.