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We put at your disposal the Move.Me team to provide quality services:

Answer in less than 48 hours | Transportation to and from the airport | Support 24/7 throughout the year.

+Update on events + current news of the city + meteorological reports.

Alquilar apartamento en Madrid.png

We help you to select a provisional house with our allies in housing and once you get to know the city we help you to decided on your definitive house.

Empadronarme en España .png

We will help you with your census documentation and the NIE (residence permit needed if you are staying more than 3 months). We will advice you in the legal contract procedures.

Seguro de Salud.png

We help you at the procedure of having your International student card so you can enjoy all the discounts and the advantages you have as a student.

Te enviamos una Sim-Card prepago para que estes conectado desde el primer momento que llegues al país.

We will send you a prepaid sim-card so you are connected since the moment you arrive at Spain, as well we will help you at contracting a post-paid plan.

Apertura de cuenta bancaria en españa.png

We accompany you at opening your banc account.

Te asesoramos para que puedas convalidar tus asignaturas y tu titulo universitario.

We advise you how to validate all your academic registries.

Tarjeta de transporte Madrid.png

We will send you a transportation card with 10 trips.


Additional services:

Organización de viajes. *Precio varía según destino.

We propose you travel plans and tours around the city. *Price varies according to destination

Sacar visa de estudiante para España

We help you with your visa formalities on your country *Conditions apply

Información sobre alimentación

Popular food services information like restaurants and supermarkets.

Un mapa de la ciudad (callejero) y uno de la red de transportes destacando los puntos de interés de la ciudad.

We will send you a street map and a transportation map, outlining the interesting points of the city.


You will have the opportunity to be part of private parties, different activities (sport and recreational) easiness at buying tickets for sports events and exclusive excursions around Madrid.


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